Camelia's Locket

Camelia's Locket

Camelia's Locket is a nice arcade game similar to Zuma

Camelia's Locket is a nice arcade game similar to Zuma, in which you must eliminate colored balls by firing balls from a pirate ship to match three or more balls of the same color. You select a ball from the bottom bar and aim the cursor to fire. The balls move in circles forming a sort of snake, so you must have that in mind when calculating your shot. If a ball reaches your ship, you lose. The balls move faster as you progress, so it gets more and more challenging.

There are lots of power-ups that help you eliminate the balls faster to get to the next level, and bonuses that provide extra money. You can also earn combos by blowing up larger groups of balls. As you play, you also create your own crew, selecting them from a great variety of cute colorful characters. It also includes a few simple mini-games in which you must fire at enemy ships, but they are very repetitive and boring. It is also a bit short, and not as challenging as other games of the genre.

The game features colorful 3D graphics, which are nice but not very detailed. Sound effects are good and the music is a bit repetitive but fitting. All in all, Camelia's Locket is just another option when looking for a marble popping game, which somewhat deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Lots of power-ups and bonuses
  • Cute characters


  • Not very detailed graphics
  • Repetitive and boring mini-games
  • Short
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